Moving Forward

They ask how to move on,
He says doing this. She says doing that.
What do I have to say?
Forgive yourself.
Wanna know the reason as to why you are stuck in the past?
No. Not because of ‘it hurting too much’ bullsh*t.
And definitely not because of ‘ I’m too weak to face all of this right now’ nonsense either.
Neither is the ‘ healing take time’ concept that everyone seems to believe.
You are.
The reason you seem so oblivious is you. Yourself.
Unknowingly, you are blaming yourself right?
Wondering what you did wrong to subject yourself to such a heartbreak.
Or maybe even thinking that your imperfections are the cause of all the disasters that happen to you in your life.
Guess what honey? You are completely wrong!! They ain’t.
Life happens. It’s completely out of anyone’s control. Change your plan as you might, if the universe has another plan set for you, even if you don’t like that plan, it’s still gonna happen.
So how about start forgiving yourself. Forgive your imperfections. Forgive yourself for not being able to be who you dream yourself to be. Forgive yourself for not being able to achieve everyone’s expectations of you.
Let go of all the self blaming. Let go of all the self doubt. Just let go. Whatever that is holding you up from moving forward, let it go. And you might be surprised how good that makes you feel.

Sincerely me,

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