Between then and now

Somewhere between then and now,
Us laughing together turns into me smiling alone.
Somewhere between then and now,
The need to feel like I belong in the crowd turns to long for some peace and quiet.
Somewhere between then and now,
The sadness of being alone turns into a strength to be more independent.
And somewhere between then and now,
The hollow doesn’t feel so bad at all.
Because somewhere between then and now
I know I can grow even more now.

Sincerely me,



Sometime the hardest thing about grief is not how difficult to let go,
It’s how easy you can forget.
The face,
The voice,
The smile.
As time move forward.
Leaving in a blink of an eye.
And the only thing you can remember is
The memory.

Sincerely me,


Darkness. Most people hate it.
Scared even.
What not to be scared of, they ask.
After all, you can’t even see anything in the dark.
That’s what they said.
Perhaps in a way, they’re right.
But of course, as I am not most people,
I always prefer darkness over the bright daylight.
For no particular reason except for the fact that,
In the darkness, I’m not so alone.
Because my shadow will be there to keep me company.
True. I might fumble in the dark,
Which make it seem like such a inconvenience at time,
But the fact that the shadow never leaves when I’m struggling alone speaks volume.
Not to forget,
In the dark,
I can finally be whatever I want to be.
Without any judgment. Any insecurities. Any fear.
Because it hides it all.
From everything everyone else seem to hate,
To nothing I find to like.
So in a way, darkness can also be beauty in disguise.
For people like me.

Sincerely me,


In the room full of people,
Stood a girl in the corner.
Away from everyone.
As she wait for someone to notice her,
time tickles by. But nobody seemed to spare her a glance.
So she thought maybe she was too far away and that’s why.
Slowly, she creeps in among the sea of people.
But still, nobody sees her.
Too caught up in their own show to care about the world they live in. And people around it.
And as she stood there,
Being invisible to the everyone else but herself,
She decided to leave and abandon the need to fit in.
Because who wants to fit in in a world that is full of ignorant?
Definitely not her.

Sincerely me,

Just another day

Today just another day.
Of me feeling everything and nothing at the same time.
Past mistakes resurface.
Leaving me suffocating,
And breathing seems like something foreign.
Something out of my grasp.
Sometimes I wonder,
Does it always have to feel like this?
I know, and more than that,
I believe everything will work out in the end.
But somehow,
Right now,
I wish I don’t make that dumb mistakes. Ever.
But then, my logical mind, as nicely as it can told me ;
‘If you don’t, where is the lesson you need to learn’.
So with this heavy heart,
I whisper to myself,
‘Today just another day’.
And silently mature up to stay strong.
For tomorrow.

Sincerely me,

To the person I am today..

To the me I am today,
In the future you will see,
Who you truly are.
I know now it’s seem like you just another character in someone’s book,
Which might be true somehow,
But why you keep forgetting,
You have your own book too, you know.
And in that book of yours,
You’re the main character.
The leading lady. The star of the show. And so much more.
It’s true that the chapter might become longer as time pass by,
And perhaps not everyone decided to finish reading your book,
But you can’t deny, some of them also can love it too.
Enough to wait till the end.
Because for them,
You’re the inspiration that keeps them going.
The lesson they learn in advance.
The guide they need to be on the right path in the upcoming journey of their life.
So as for today,
With that knowledge,
Breath a little easier will you?
Future you will be proud of yourself.
So don’t worry, okay.

Sincerely me,

She’s a 10, but…

Everyone thinks she’s a 10
but still, she keeps comparing herself to 9 other girls which are strangers to begin with.
It doesn’t help either when 8 of her friends are toxic and keep making jokes about her appearance every now and then.
So it’s not a surprise when she saw 7 guys coming her way, she kept her head down and hid behind the curtain of her long hair.
When in reality, 6 of them were amazed by the beauty that she held within.
And the saddest part is, when someone tells her she’s a 5 out of 5, she feels embarrassed.
Because she thought they were making a joke out of her.
And 4 the life of her, she cannot fathom anyone seeing her as anything rather than what her self doubt keeps telling her everyday at 3 a.m when she lay in the bed wide awake.
2 her, she will always be nothing and until the 1 that makes her feel like she’s somebody and treats her like she’s the center of their universe appears, she will keep struggling. fighting.
But as she’s a believer, she has faith that she can win every battle in the end. Even if that battle is with herself.

Sincerely me,

Simplicity of Love

Love. I used to think love is complicated. Messy. But who I am kidding.
It’s just one word and four letter to begin with.
Yes. It’s indeed that simple.
Perhaps all this time, I’m busy seeking love from the wrong one so it’s seem like love is something impossible.
But now that I found the right one, I came to see the simplicity and beauty of it.
From the proud smile that blooms in the corner of my mouth,
To the ‘yes I did it’ kind of happiness that resident in my heart,
And not to forget the ‘you did well’ words I told myself whenever I failed.
I finally knew, all of that is only the small amount of love I have been archiving all along.
Without me realizing it.
My only regret now is,
I just wish I found ‘me’ sooner.
So that I can acknowledge all the love I thought I will never have but already exists. Within me.
It’s always within me.

Sincerely me,

Present Imagination

This time around it feels heavy.

The thoughts of you suffocating me to no end.

Make my heart beat irregularly.

And my mind became quite a mess.

It’s not like you’re a catch to begin with.

That’s what my brain told me. And I knew it’s right.

But I guess my heart doesn’t even care to listen.

As time and time again you disappear in my life only to reappear in my mind.

Maybe now I don’t know yet, but for sure future me will know. 

How you not that important, 

as you are only a futile fairytale. Of my present imagination

Sincerely me,


Letter for Future

Are you still trying as hard as you used to?
Trying to please everyone for the sake of their happiness.
Trying to change yourself so they don’t think that you don’t fit in.
Or maybe trying to keep a strong front so that you don’t feel pathetic for showing weakness.
If you are, I hope this finds you again in the future.
You don’t have to, you know. Trying so hard I mean.
It is only so much a human can take.
You’re not a fictional character without flaws.
So you don’t need to be perfect all the time.
It’s not your responsibility to create happiness for anyone but yourself.
It’s not your fault if they are judgemental and decide that you don’t belong.
And it’s not your weakness if you break down when you don’t feel strong enough to keep fighting anymore.
Because believe it or not, everyone struggles like you do.
You’re not alone. They just hide it better than you.
And if that still doesn’t assure you, I hope you realize you’re still here. In the present. Which means everything is going to be ok. You will be more than ok. Believe me.
After all, a fighter with faith is stronger than a warrior with a sword.

Sincerely me,