Simplicity of Love

Love. I used to think love is complicated. Messy. But who I am kidding.
It’s just one word and four letter to begin with.
Yes. It’s indeed that simple.
Perhaps all this time, I’m busy seeking love from the wrong one so it’s seem like love is something impossible.
But now that I found the right one, I came to see the simplicity and beauty of it.
From the proud smile that blooms in the corner of my mouth,
To the ‘yes I did it’ kind of happiness that resident in my heart,
And not to forget the ‘you did well’ words I told myself whenever I failed.
I finally knew, all of that is only the small amount of love I have been archiving all along.
Without me realizing it.
My only regret now is,
I just wish I found ‘me’ sooner.
So that I can acknowledge all the love I thought I will never have but already exists. Within me.
It’s always within me.

Sincerely me,


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