You think you’re confident enough. However when time comes and you have to face your audience, you’re shaking. 

You think you’re brave enough to face any challenges. But when what you fear the most comes knocking, you start to hide away.

You think you’re patient enough to keep waiting. However when one by one people pass by, you start questioning why it took so long. 

You think you’re happy enough with all of your achievements. But when you see others become more successful, you create another goal to achieve. 

You think you’re intelligent enough to solve any problem. However when some issues arise for you to handle, you can’t find any solution to fix it. 

You know what?you overthink!!
So what you say if you just stop for a second and just live in the moment. Go with the flow and have faith that life will turn out the way it is supposed to be. Not the way you want it to be.

Let life do their magic. Nothing can go wrong in the hand of fate. 

Sincerely me, 

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