Selfish. Always viewed as a bad trait to have.

Question is,,

Is being selfish really unnecessary?

Honest speaking,
I don’t think so. Not entirely bad at least.
Certain things require you to be selfish.
If it involves your own life, sometimes you just need to.
You can’t always put everyone first then put your own self aside.
Who says their life matters more than your own?
So, you don’t really need to feel guilty if you are being selfish for your own good.
It doesn’t turn you into a bad guy.
To a certain extent it is still OK.
Just in certain things though.
Make sure you know where it starts and where it needs to end.

Remember. Everything has a limit.

But as long as it doesn’t really have any extreme affect for those around you, I say you’re good. No worries.

Sincerely me,

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