Self Conscious

Looking in the mirror,
Saw your own reflection,
And having a weird feeling about it.
It’s normal isn’t it? Or not? I think it is.
At a certain point in life, I guess everyone will always find something they dislike about themselves.
It didn’t help either when people around them kept throwing a dirty look. Judging their appearance and stuff.
That’s why someone once said ‘the hardest thing to do is loving yourself’. True indeed.
But here is a secret you need to know to make it easier ; You don’t need to feel self conscious about yourself. Especially not because of people. Wanna know why? Here I tell you. They also secretly struggle with themselves. 
Some day they also hate how they look. 
Other days they also try so hard to look good for others.
It’s totally normal. Feeling self conscious is normal. Because You’re NORMAL.

Sincerely me,

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