The Aftermath #LosingThem

Losing parent or anyone you truly love is miserable.
I wish nobody going through that heartache.
But we have to be realistic.
Sooner or later it going to happen to everyone.
It’s gonna happen to you. And it gonna happen to me. Again.
When that time comes around, i hope you know this.,
The heartache. The pain. It will never ceases.
What they said about ‘time heal everything’ ‘you going to be okay’ n stuff is one big fat lie.
No. Time doesn’t heal everything. Time just provide temporarily distraction.
And no. You not going to be okay. You just going to be strong.
Some days, yes. you going to be alright. You doesn’t feel pain as much .
That because you tend to forget about them since you just used to live your life without them.
So if you don’t remember them for a certain amount of time, don’t feel guilty. That just how you learn to cope with the pain. By forgetting. It’s doesn’t mean they’re vanished from you heart or your love for them have been disappear for good, because i can assure you it doesn’t. True love always remind.
N other times, you will remember everything and the pain become unbearable to handle.
Also stop being regretful because you feel like you not accepting your fate and move on. It’s not true. It’s has nothing to do with accepting reality, n everything to do with feeling and emotion. Which not in our control all the time.
Whatever it is, I hope you know that even if everything doesn’t feel perfect without them anymore, at the end of the day, you still gonna be alright because happiness still exist even in imperfection.

Sincerely me,

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