Can’t be Replaced

I already used living my life without you in it that I never think you’re gone.
For some reason my mind keep thinking that you’re not here only at ‘this moment’s. Not ‘forever’.
I mess up didn’t I?
For foolishly thinking someday I will see you again.
Saying our last words for each other and stuff.
I probably am.
Sometimes I keep questioning myself.
Did I thinking like that to hide the pain of losing you or to hide the fact that I can’t accept my reality.
Maybe both?
Either way I don’t think my train of thought will change anytime soon.
Because as much as I wish I can let you go. I don’t think I can. Ever.
After all I only got ONE Father in my lifetime.
And no man can top my love for you. That for sure.

Sincerely me,

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