Never Wrong to Feel

Some day you start your morning feeling great but end it pretty badly.

Some day you start by being so happy but going to sleep feeling sad.

Some day you wake up and feeling motivated to finish your work, but later turn to bed with unfinished work still.

Some day during your morning you feel grateful with how everything in you life turn out, but going to sleep questioning what you did wrong when things start to fall apart.

And somehow it never wrong to feel all this emotions because you’re human.

Your feeling is worthy of your attention even it not so much positive.
Never doubt that.

Just don’t drown in it for too long

Sincerely me,

Never an Option

Do you ever feeling stress and confuse to make a decision in your life?

You just sitting there,
in front of computer
feeling lose either you want to pursue study in business or law.

Or maybe,
You just staring there,
in the dark
when the world is sleeping
Undecided either you should keep fighting or call it quit already.

With everything in your life. Really.

If so, you really should know this.

If you have no idea what your true choice between two option that you have, make sure to always choose the second one. After all, if you really want your first option, the second will never be an option.

Deep down,
Heart know what hearts want. Even if brain always arguing.

Sincerely me,


Dear dad,
You don’t say you care about me but I know you are when you hug me tight every time I cry.

Dear dad,
You don’t say you trust me but I know you are when you let me make my own decision.

Dear dad,
You don’t say you’re proud of me but I know you are when I see that smile remain on your face.

Dear dad,
You don’t say you’re angry at me but I know you are when your frown doesn’t disappear for a while.

Dear dad,
You don’t say you love me but I know you are when you always protect me from everything that bring me harm.

Dear dad,
I’m your daughter. I wish you already know deep in your heart that for us you’re the best and we will always miss you.

Sincerely me,

What Goes Around Comes Around

We keep wondering how they can smile so big, we don’t seem to realize that was their way to hold themselves together from crying in sadness.

We keep wondering how they’re so confident in front of others, we don’t realize that they also hide their shaking hand behind their back when nobody saw.

We keep wondering how they can have so many friends in their life, we don’t seem to realize that only a few was the real one.

We keep wondering how they’re so successful in their career, we don’t realize that they also had to sacrifice their time with family just to compete tons of works.

We just keep wondering so we forgot the fact that everything in life come with prices. When you got some, you lose some.

You might miss the brightness of the sun during the rain, but you got to see the colourful rainbows after that instead.

Just because you don’t get what you wish doesn’t mean you won’t get what you meant to have.

Sincerely me,

Grateful Work Wonder

When you angry with your parent because they give you advice for your own good,
Somewhere in this world, someone that lose their parent wish they still have one.

When you complain because your parent forget to bought your favourite food,
Somewhere in this world, someone have to fasting all day because they doesn’t have food to eat at all.

When you think life don’t treat you fair just because you can’t get your dream car to show off unlike your friends,
Somewhere in this world, someone have to walking miles in the heat just to buy groceries.

And maybe when you stop counting what you don’t have and start appreciate what you already got, you will see how lucky you already are.

Sincerely me,

It All About You

When they say ‘stay strong’, doesn’t mean you’re weak.

When they say ‘be brave’, doesn’t mean you’re a coward.

When they say ‘stay happy’, doesn’t mean you’re depressed.

When they say ‘be nice’, doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.

Every meaning behind their word doesn’t matter. What really matter is how you decide to translate it for yourself.
You can see it as a bad thing and you will see yourself in negative light. Or you can view it in positive way possible and feel good about yourself.

It all in our hand. That what make life better. You’re the boss. Your life. Your choice.

Sincerely me,

“Stop Trying” not entirely a bad thing

Sometimes stop trying is not a bad things.

It good sometime to stop trying to care when they don’t even took their time long enough to appreciate it.

It also good to stop trying to make effort to spare their feeling when they don’t even spare a second to apologize for hurting you.

It also a good thing to stop trying to force a conversation that you clearly know one side when we all know relationship involved both sides to make it work.

N sometime it good to just stop trying for others and start trying for ourselves.

Sincerely me,


They say you learn from your mistakes. That true.

But they also forget to say that you only learn anything from your mistakes if only you acknowledge them.

So I say don’t feel ashamed to admit your mistakes.

Don’t try to lie to cover it up from others.

Don’t try to sugarcoat others with million reason as why you make them.

Don’t try so hard to forget and buried them in the back of your mind.

Just remember them. Embrace them. Only then you can start learning not to repeat it again.

Sincerely me,