Sad truth of growing up

She used to be some quiet girl that loved and kept loving. Without a single drop of hatred. 
Someone that found beauty in everyone and everything. 
A girl so pure that she might as well think everyone else as pure as herself with no bad blood in their body.
Some girl that trusts without thinking. And accepting without judgment.
She used to be all of that. Maybe even more. 
But somehow she’s gone.
As day turn into months, and months pass by, replacing by years,
She saw how this world truly functions. 
The ugly truth that being consoled by her innocence all this year. 
The sad reality of people in it.
So she makes a choice that she never thinks she needs to. Up until that moment.
She changes herself. To fit in. 
Even though she doesn’t have to.
As she doesn’t need anyone’s validation to be ‘her’. Unfortunately, nobody told her that. 

Sincerely me,


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