Reciprocation of Love

She says I love you. And he replied with I love you ‘too’.
So that’s a start. Of an ‘us’ for them.
Everything is so right but yet it feels so wrong.
Like a normal couple, they have their ups and downs.
So she thought everything exactly how it’s supposed to be.
That’s why. She fights for him. 
Each and every time.
He also fights. But instead FOR her, he fights WITH her.
Yet she still doesn’t realize the difference.
He treats her like sh*t. And she blamed herself. 
For not being ‘good’ enough.
When in reality, she never has to be good.
Because she was enough.
If only, she was with her real ‘person’.
Instead, she been trapped in unrealistic love, 
that being show by unrealistic man, 
that doesn’t know the real meaning of love.
How can he? when the word ‘I love you’ that he claims is only another word of reciprocation.

Sincerely me,


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