Reciprocation of Love

She say I love you. And he replied with I love you ‘too’.
So that a start. Of an ‘us’ for them.
Everything so right but yet it’s feel so wrong.
Like a normal couple, they have their up and down.
So she thought everything exactly how it’s supposed to be.
That why. She fight for him.
Each and every time.
He also fight. But instead FOR her, he fight WITH her.
Yet she still doesn’t realize the difference.
He treats her like sh*t. And she blame herself.
For not being ‘good’ enough.
When in reality, she never have to be good.
Because she was enough.
If only, she been with her real ‘person’.
Instead, she been trapped in unrealistic love,
that being show by unrealistic man,
that doesn’t know the real meaning of love.
How can him? when the word ‘I love you’ that he claim is only another word of reciprocation.

Sincerely me,

Sad truth of growing up

She used to be some quiet girl that love and keep loving. Without a single drop of hatred.
Someone that found beauty in everyone and everything.
A girl soo pure that she might as well think everyone else as pure as herself with no bad blood in their body.
Some girl that trusting without thinking. And accepting without judgment.
She used to be all of that. Maybe even more.
But somehow she’s gone.
As day turn into months, and months pass by, replacing by years,
She saw how this world truly function.
The ugly truth that being console by her innocent all this year.
The sad reality of people in it.
So she make a choice that she never think she need to. Up until that moment.
She changes herself. To fit in.
Eventho she doesn’t have to.
As she doesn’t need anyone validation to be ‘her‘. Unfortunately, nobody tell her that.

Sincerely me,

No it’s not OK

You know how when we doing something but we fail and someone will tell us ‘it doesn’t matter, you can try again tomorrow’ right?
In that situation, it supposed to motivate us to never give up.
But do you think that mindset doesn’t have any negative impacts at all?
If you think so, you totally mistaken.
Here I tell you what. For certain people, that words up to no goods. Do you know why? Because they might take it as an excuse to slack off. To not doing the best they could. They will think ‘Oh, it’s ok. I can still do my best tomorrow’.
You get what I mean right?
True, tomorrow will always came either you like it or not. But do you know for sure that you still here to welcome it?

So here some advice. If you want to do something, do the best you could. That might be the only chance you have.

Sincerely me,


What common in family;
Saying something awful to the parents?
‘ It’s not a big deal. They understand ‘
Doing something hurtful to our family member?
‘ They will be fine. No worries ‘
Start a fight over something dumb?
‘ No need to apologize. They will forgive us anyway ‘
This is where our mindset about family mess up big time I tell you.
We thought as a family member, we can do as we pleased and they will always accept us no matter what. But we completely forgot  that they still a human being. With feeling and emotion.
Being a ‘family’ doesn’t give us free pass to treat them as our heart content. It only give us free ticket to love them unconditionally.

Sincerely me,


They say you learn from your mistakes. That true.

But they also forget to say that you only learn anything from your mistakes if only you acknowledge them.

So I say don’t feel ashamed to admit your mistakes.

Don’t try to lie to cover it up from others.

Don’t try to sugarcoat others with million reason as why you make them.

Don’t try so hard to forget and buried them in the back of your mind.

Just remember them. Embrace them. Only then you can start learning not to repeat it again.

Sincerely me,