We all too caught up with the idea of perfection that we can’t see anything beyond that.

Everyone always say nothing perfect.
We quite aware of that.
But we all know deep down we still wish for that perfection.

Secretly, we all dream of having a perfect life.
We search for perfect partner to getting married with.
When we have our partner, we hope to have a perfect wedding.
And then we wait for perfect perfect timing to do that.
Just like that the list go on with everything our whole life.

It consume us and when everything start crashing down and don’t go ‘perfectly’ as we plan, we keep thinking that life suck big time. When really it just you that decided to make it seem like it.

All this mindset about perfection really shouldn’t exist. Everyone should know there no such thing as perfect. The word itself doesn’t feel right.
Why not we just replace it with the word right instead?
For example, instead of saying ‘I have a perfect wife’, why don’t you say ‘I have the right wife’.
It much more meaningful when you put it that way.

Even if it not ‘Perfect ‘, it still ‘Right’. See what I trying to say? Much better don’t you think?
Now I leave it to you to decide.

Sincerly me,

Never Wrong to Feel

Some day you start your morning feeling great but end it pretty badly.

Some day you start by being so happy but going to sleep feeling sad.

Some day you wake up and feeling motivated to finish your work, but later turn to bed with unfinished work still.

Some day during your morning you feel grateful with how everything in you life turn out, but going to sleep questioning what you did wrong when things start to fall apart.

And somehow it never wrong to feel all this emotions because you’re human.

Your feeling is worthy of your attention even it not so much positive.
Never doubt that.

Just don’t drown in it for too long

Sincerely me,


They say you learn from your mistakes. That true.

But they also forget to say that you only learn anything from your mistakes if only you acknowledge them.

So I say don’t feel ashamed to admit your mistakes.

Don’t try to lie to cover it up from others.

Don’t try to sugarcoat others with million reason as why you make them.

Don’t try so hard to forget and buried them in the back of your mind.

Just remember them. Embrace them. Only then you can start learning not to repeat it again.

Sincerely me,