Letter for Future

Are you still trying as hard as you used to?
Trying to please everyone for the sake of their happiness.
Trying to change yourself so they don’t think that you don’t fit in.
Or maybe trying to keep a strong front so that you don’t feel pathetic for showing weakness.
If you are, I hope this finds you again in the future.
You don’t have to, you know. Trying so hard I mean.
It is only so much a human can take.
You’re not a fictional character without flaws.
So you don’t need to be perfect all the time.
It’s not your responsibility to create happiness for anyone but yourself.
It’s not your fault if they are judgemental and decide that you don’t belong.
And it’s not your weakness if you break down when you don’t feel strong enough to keep fighting anymore.
Because believe it or not, everyone struggles like you do.
You’re not alone. They just hide it better than you.
And if that still doesn’t assure you, I hope you realize you’re still here. In the present. Which means everything is going to be ok. You will be more than ok. Believe me.
After all, a fighter with faith is stronger than a warrior with a sword.

Sincerely me,


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